What age does my child need to be in order to attend a Make Event?

Craft sessions are tailored for specific age groups. Currently, our sessions are categorized into toddlers (ages 3-5 years) and kids (ages 5-11). A recommended age group is recorded against each session.

Can I book more than 1 child onto a single craft session?

Yes, if you have multiple children that would like to attend the same craft session, you can book them into the same session together by selecting the quantity of spaces required during the booking process. You will also be requested to record the names of the children that will be attending.

Can I book more than 1 child onto different craft sessions?

Yes, this can be done by completing the booking for the first child, at which point the website will provide you with the option to “Add Another Item” to your Shopping Cart. You can then proceed with selecting another booking for your second child. (However, please note that spaces are limited to 1 session per child.)

Can my child attend more than 1 session?

We kindly ask that you do not book your child onto more than 1 session, as spaces are limited and we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance. We have the right to cancel  your booking in instances where you have booked a child onto multiple sessions.

What personal information do you collect during the booking, and what do you use it for?

We take bookings on behalf of the event sponsor, and require you to provide us with sufficient information to identify you and your child when you arrive for the session. We also require your contact details so that we can stay in touch, such as to send a reminder email and text message. Companies may also ask us to collect limited marketing information. Your personal information will only ever be shared with he company that is hosting your event. We do not store confidential information such as credit card numbers.

How can I confirm the address of an event that my child will be attending?

Please check your event’s booking page on this website where you will find the address as well as a map confirming the location. In addition, once you have completed a booking, you will also receive an automated confirmation email that includes the event address.

How do I know if my booking was successful, and if my child’s space has been confirmed?

The website will only allow you to make a booking if a space is available for the session you have selected. Once your booking is complete, the website will display a confirmation notice and you will receive an automated email confirming your booking, therefore it is important that you correctly input your contact details.

How much does it cost to book my child onto an event, and do they need to bring anything with them on the day?

All sessions at the LynnMall school holiday event are free for your child to attend, but bookings are essential as spaces are limited. They also do not need to bring anything along with them on the day as all craft supplies will be provided.

What happens if the session my child wants attend is full, or it does not have sufficient spaces available for my children?

Spaces are limited, so if a session is fully booked, you will need to select an alternative craft session or find another suitable date to attend. Unfortunately we can not add additional spaces.

Can I make amendments to or cancel my booking?

Yes, if you would like to amend your booking, please click on the “view appointment details” link in the confirmation email you will have received at the time of making your booking. This will allow you to reschedule the session. If you are no longer able to attend the session, we would appreciate it if you could cancel your booking. This will free the space up for someone else to book. You do not need to contact us about amendments or cancellations as the system will automatically update itself. You can make amendments to a booking up to 1 hour prior to the session start time.

Do I need to stay with my child during the session?

Children 5 years or over can be left in our care. You will be required to sign your child in, and will be asked to leave a contact mobile number in the event of an emergency. You will however be expected to return by the end of the session.  Parents or childminders of children younger than  5 years are required to remain on-site for the duration of the session.